What is a LED Light?

LED light, an abbreviation form of ‘Light Emitting Diode’, is a photoelectronic element that emits energy in a light form. LED coverts electronic energy to light energy at the higher efficiency; therefore it saves energy efficiently and has longer lifespan as 5 times longer than the conventional lightening, providing an economic benefit.

Comparison of LED Lightening Driver

Most of LED lightening is turned on in the presence of SMPS that stabilizes the existing lightening. The SMPC function is replaced by a semiconductor IC to directly connect the AC power, which is called an AC direct driver. The advantages are as follows.

Compared to a lifespan of Led light as long as 50,000 hours, the lifespan of SMPC driver falls short of the LED light,
so the actual lifespan of LED lightening cannot be guaranteed.However, the LED lightening of RFsemi applies an AC direct driver to maintain the lifespan of LED as it is.
Basically SMPC has a complicated circuit so is relatively high price.
In contrast, AC direct method of RFsemi is replaced by an IC so has a simple circuit,thereby, saving the manufacturing
costs and significantly reducing the defects rate.
Accordingly, the miniaturization and lightening are enabled so applicable to a diverse lightening.
RFsemi AC Direct Characteristics of RFsemi AC

Characteristics ①

▶ RFsemi possesses the innovative patented technology in AC direct method.

1. Registration number of interchangeable direct diode lightening : No. 10-1128680

2. Registration number of diode device : No. 10-1301087

Characteristics ②

▶ Unlike the sequential lightening in other brands, it uses concurrence lightening that boosts
its excellent performance in LED brightness and life span.

Characteristics ③

▶ The distributed arrangement of driver IC has excellent heating characteristics.

Characteristics ④

▶ RFsemi dimmer can be used to spontaneously control the brightness of light without noise.